Avs Finish Season As Central Champs

Avs needed one of two scenarios to happen to remain the leaders in the central division, a regulation loss for the Struggling Blues, or a win against the Ducks.

Fortunately for the Avs, the Detroit Red Wings took care of the Blues winning 3-0, in an afternoon game. This gave Roy the chance to give Varly another night off, because the Avs are now Central division champs. Thanks Red Wings. (That’s weird to say).

Roy decided to give Jean-Sebastian Giguere his final game of the season, and most likely his last ever as they are most likely gonna ride Varlamov during the playoff Stretch.

The Ducks won the game tonight against the Avs in overtime, which capped off the last regular season Teemu Selanne will play in the league. At the end of the game as Selanne was doing his rounds thanking the Duck faithful, the Avs came back out on the ice to shake the Finnish Flashes hand. Then Teemu grabbed Giguere and did another lap around the ice with his former Duck teammate. Pure Class all around tonight.

The Avs will face the Minnesota Wild in the first round of the playoffs, and will have home ice advantage for however far they make in it the playoffs unless they matchup with the Ducks in the west or the Bruins in a Stanley cup final.

Avs also finished the season with the exact same record at home as on the road, 26-11-4.

From 29th in the league in last seasons shortened year, to 3rd in the league this season. I cannot stress how proud I am of this club that they found their identity as a team again. We as Avs fans are in for years of great hockey again. So make sure you rock the Pepsi Center during these playoff game’s. I’m doing my best to get down to Denver for the first 2 game, and I’m super excited.

If I do make it down, make sure to have a beer with me. I’ll be the awkward Canadian losing my mind because I’m just so happy.


Marc Parsons

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Avs Looking To Put Stamp On Central

March 25, 2014. The last time the Avs have failed to get at least a point while riding this hot streak which could possibly put them at the top of the central division. That however depends on if the St. Louis Blues lose out the rest of their games and the Avs can jump in front with their remaining games.

Wouldn’t that just be the beautiful icing on the cake, going from the western basement to the top of their division. Gives me goosebumps thinking about it, and not the kind R.L. Stein made famous.

I’ve said it before, but I became an Avs fan when Roy was traded, he was my hockey hero growing up and I would of followed him to Florida if that was were he ended up. But I’m a proud Avaholic, and have never been more proud to see that Patrick can still bring that same passion he had as a player to this team of young talented players. Not only does he have them playing with a resiliency I don’t think I’ve ever seen, he has them all playing as an actual team, and everyone is playing a more defensive game. You see a lot of teams that the burden in solely on certain superstar players.

As soon as Matt Duchene went down with a knee injury when he collided with McGinn, I was getting texts, tweets, Facebook posts about how that was gonna be bad news for the Avs. I’ll tell you what I told them.
“Sure, it sucks. But this is a team game, not a Matt Duchene game.” And I assured them the Avs would be just fine. They have only lost in a shoutout since his injury. Everyone is stepping up when they are called upon, and that is another thing to be extremely proud of this team for.t

It seems like the Avs may be busy at this summers NHL awards, with what seems like the favorites to win the Jack Adams and Calder look to be Patrick Roy and Nathan Mackinnon respectively. I also really hope Seymon Varlamov gets a good look when they are naming the Vezina candidates. He’s leading the league in wins, and breaking or tying Roy records.

Although the playoffs are anyone’s game once they start, I’m having trouble seeing the Avs doing poorly against any team except the Blues. They have beaten every team in the league this year, another feat that is rarely accomplished.

This Avs team is hungry, and they wanna eat more wins, and wash it down with champagne from Lord Stanley’s Cup. Regardless of how their playoff run turns out, I doubt you’ll be able to find an Av fan anywhere who isn’t happy or proud about this season and their amazing turnaround.

GO AVS GO #whynotus

Marc Parsons


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Avs Vs The League

As I sit here at work at 4:02 am, I’ve been trying to put the thoughts together in my head about what my next blog would be about the Avs.

I know it’s been a long time since my last one, my laptop is still out of commission :(. But that just means I get to try to make the blogs I do write that much better.

3 teams. St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks and the New York Rangers. These 3 teams are the only ones who have not lost to the Avs so far this season. The Avs have at least a victory over the other 26 remaining teams in the league.

I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty damn impressive considering the team finished 29th in the league last season and are now currently 5 points away from the top spot in the NHL.

Now the Avs still have 1 game against the Blues, 2 against the Canucks and 1 against the Rangers during this last stretch before the playoffs. So there is a chance they can get at least one 1 win from every team.

Everyone had this team written off at the beginning of the season, and I give all the credit to this amazing turnaround season to the coaches, an area that has been horrible in the last 10 years. Especially under the horrible dump and chase system that Coach Sacco had this young fast team playing.

Patrick Roy brought that passion back to Denver. And it’s gotta be hard as a player to have a legend like Roy coaching you. Half the time I imagine they are in awe and the other half is trying not to piss him off. Which doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Roy really believes in this team, and most importantly he has them believing in themselves.

Another key coach is Francois Allaire, the goalie coach. As of tonight Seymon Varlamov is 2nd in the league to Marc-Andre Fluery with 32 wins. Considering the whole team in last years shortened season had 16 wins in 48 games. With Allaire’s knowledge along with a great work ethic from Varly and Giggy, the team cannot stress enough how important those goaltenders are to their success.

It’s a great time to be an Avs fan. The potential for this team is huge, and they’ve certainly silenced the naysayers from the beginning of the season with the simple mantra, and attitude around the locker room of “Why Not Us”.

They even have a few names being thrown into the NHL award mix.

Calder- Nathan Mackinnon

Jack Adams- Patrick Roy

Lady Byng- Ryan O’Reilly

Vezina- Seymon Varlamov.

I’m not saying that is how it’s going down other than Mackinnon, but a case could be made for either of them.

Avs face the defending champs for the last time this season on Wednesday, whom they are 3-1-0 against, which is also impressive. Other than St. Louis, I just don’t see them having much trouble in the playoffs. They are on a mission, and when they lose a game they are extra ready for the next one.

Personally, I’m just stoked to have them back in the playoff picture, Everything else is a wonderful bonus.

Until next time,


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This Is My Crazy Talk Blog

2001- Avs Finish with 56 points at the 41 game mark.
2014- Avs finish with 56 points at the 41 game mark.

2001- Joe Sakic is a major contributer at the 2001 Olympics in Salt Lake City for team Canada.
2014- Matt Duchene is named to the 2014 Sochi Olympic, team Canada’s Men’s hockey team.

2001- Patrick Roy lead the Avs in net to their 56 points.
2014- Patrick Roy leads the Avs as head coach to their 56 points.

2001- Alex Tanguay is a huge part of the Avs season.
2014- Alex Tanguay finds himself back in Colorado due to a trade.

2001- Ray Bourque helps the Avs to his first Ever Stanley cup.
2014- Avs join Ray Bourque for supper where he instills a strong message to a young talented team, “why not us” becomes the fans and teams new motto.

2001- Avs win the Stanley Cup.

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The New & Improved Avs.

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog.
Mainly due to the fact that my dog’s tail knocked water over my laptop and I have not taken it in to get checked out yet. I’ll have to soon as I’m writing on my iPad at the moment and it’s not as convenient for me.

But enough about that, let’s talk Avs. :)

It cannot be expressed enough on how badly this young Avs team needed the right coach/teacher to help their progress, and they found that winning recipe with rookie coach and Avs hall of famer Patrick Roy. You take a group of 20+ young men on the Avs team, give the control of the team to proven winners in Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy and watch the young kids eyes light up when they have 2 of their childhood heroes in hockey, doing what they can to motivate them and get them to believe the great new motto that former Av Ray Bourque gave them at dinner in Boston, “why not us!?”

Some people get it’s meaning and lots don’t, but to me it’s pretty self explanatory. To me it says, Why can’t we be the ones to improve this team, why can’t we be contenders? Why don’t we be the opposite of what all the experts predict? Why Can’t we make the playoffs ?

This young Avs team is a lot better than people give them credit for, but they still have things to work on, most importantly is starting the game on time and playing a hard 60 minutes. Under the coaching of Roy, the Avs now have record of 23-11-3 following tonight’s 7-2 loss to Chicago, which they deserved because once again they didn’t show up on time, and it’s usually the case with this team after they have had any substantial time off over 2 days.

23-11-3 is damn impressive after the starts of the last bunch of seasons. The defence men are finally putting points on the board and not just with assists. The goalies are playing amazing under the coaching of Francois Allaire, and the forwards are playing their style of hockey, the kind of hockey that got them noticed to begin with.

With the Olympic break fast approaching, it’s very important for the Avs to pick it up or at least maintain a good spot within their division, being in good position should help secure that playoff spot, pending a total collapse after the Olympics.

It’s pretty crazy to me to think that the last time I’ve seen the Avs play great hockey was before Roy retired, and now he’s back and so are the Avs identity of being a Fast team with great defence.

I also have a feeling that there may still be a big trade before the deadline. Not sure with who, but the rumours I hear are with Montreal, Toronto and Florida at the moment. But who knows, my sources are random rumours on twitter haha.

So no matter what the outcome of this Season brings, be it good or bad, we should all as Avs fans be super proud to be Avs fans. We paid the price that a rebuild took on us, but we still believed our team would return one day. And for now it looks like that day may have come.

Until next time,

Marc Parsons

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Avs: I’m Pumped! And You Should Be Too!

As I’ve been sitting around watching and reading everything I can about the Avs training camp and Pre season games, I’ve been getting more and more excited about this season.

The main reason we should all be excited in my opinion, is Coach Roy. Finally, we have a coach who the players will respect and buy into his systems, at least for a few years anyways depending on the success he has with his systems. I watch his interviews, and i love how he it all about the players and having them play their game, and that he just wants them all to be comfortable. He changes the lines to make them balanced, as we saw with him moving Steve Downie up with Dutchy and Radar. Although i am a fan of Parenteau and Dutchy stayin together, Downie is a very good player who is very underrated because of injuries, but is proving to still have it on his new line.

Another reason to be stoked, is the forward depth.

1st line

Ryan O’Reilly- Matt Duchene- Steve Downie

2nd line

Gabe Landeskog- Paul Stastny- Alex Tanguay

3rd line

Jamie Mcginn- Nathan Mackinnon- PA Parenteau


John Mitchell- Brad Malone- Cody McLeod- Patrick Bordeleau


In my eyes, those are pretty dangerous lines.  There is going to be some great playmaking, super speedy line’s and lots of Grit and Toughness.

Defense is going to be harder to judge until we see how the season starts. But the future sure is bright as long as we the Avs organization properly prepares them to make the jump into the NHL, With Dunan Seimens, Stefan Elliot and newcomers from this year’s draft, Mason Geertson and the young Stud D man who really impressed Patrick Roy, Chris Bigras, who Roy pretty much came out and said he wants to build a future D core around.


Goaltending, I’m hoping is going to take a full 360 degree swing, thanks largely to the avs finally having a Full time goaltender coach in Francois Allaire, who was one of the main infulences on Patrick Roy and J.S. Giguere’s careers. Not bad considering there are 5 Stanley cups between the 2 guys. And from the sounds of things, Varly is ready to play, and had a great summer of training. Avs were also very impressed with this years draft pick Spencer Martin in goal, and very excited to see how he develops. With all the Goaltenders in the system including , Kent Paterson, Kieran Millan, Calvin Pickard and Sami Attikalio, it seems we will have solid goalies in net for the Avs and Monsters for years to come. I wouldn’d rule out one or two fo them getting moved in a trade either.


I see this as a Playoff year for this squad, although most of the experts have them 6th in the Central Divison. I just see them having better success in this new division then the last Northwest Division. Maybe make one of those wild card spots.


What are your thoughts on the Upcoming season Avs Fans?  Leave some comments or tweet me @mercus24

Until then,


Marc Parsons


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Avs: My Projected Lineup

I was just looking on the Avalanche website and seen a projected lineup for the upcoming season for the Avs.

Here is their opinons on how the lines will look:


Gabriel LandeskogMatt DucheneRyan O’Reilly

Alex TanguayPaul StastnyPA Parenteau

Jamie McGinnNathan MacKinnonSteve Downie

Cody McLeod – John Mitchell – Mark Olver

Patrick Bordeleau


Jan HejdaTyson Barrie

Ryan WilsonErik Johnson

Matt HunwickCory Sarich

Andre Benoit


Semyon Varlamov

Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Author: Corey  Masisak | NHL.com Staff Writer


There are just a few Changes I would make .


Landeskog- Duchene- Parenteau

Tanguay- Stastny- O’Reilly

McGinn- Mackinnon- Downie

McLeod- Mitchell- Bordeleau



Hejda- Johnson

Wilson- Barrie

Elliot- Sarich






Now, the changes I made were:

Keepin last years top 2 Avs together on the same line, Duchene and Parenteau would be a shame to break up after the half a season they both just had. I’m predicting they, pending injuries, are gonna rack up 80-90 points each this season if they stay together.

I like Bordeleau over Olver for the 4th line guy. Bordy came into the league fresh last year and really had a great season when it comes to the enforcer role he plays on the team. With Bordy and McLeod on our team every night, it should help keep they damage from our top players, and finally dish it back to the other teams.

Hunwick is out altogether in my opinon and will start in Lake Erie. He has had long enough to show us what he is actually capable of, and i haven’t seen it yet.  Our Defense needs a huge upgrade anyway, but Hunwick wouldnt be in my future plans.

I’m making Benoit the 7th Defense because I believe we have to finally give Barrie and Elliot the shot they deserve; and i have no idea what Benoit brings.

Thats what I believe the line up should look like. What do you guys think?

Let me know in the comment section or tweet me at @mercus24





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